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Download the instruction page and the official petition for circulation to help ensure John is listed on the GOP primary ballot on March 20th.

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Put John on the Ballot!

Help put John on the GOP primary ballot in March! Sign your name to lend your support.

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Stand with John

John Shimkus is fighting every day for our Illinois values in Congress. Stand with John and defend our conservative principles.


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Defending Those Who Fought for Us

As a veteran himself, John Shimkus knows our war fighters deserve the best quality of care, not long wait times and a VA plagued with fraud and abuse.

Stand with John Shimkus as he works to hold VA officials accountable, improve veteran care, and encourage the hiring of our nation’s heroes.

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Protecting Every Life

Every life is precious, and we must work every day to protect the most vulnerable among us. That’s why I stand firmly against taxpayer funded abortions and vehemently oppose those who would use your hard-earned dollars to take away an unborn child’s right to life.

Will you stand with me in agreement that every life is precious and worth fighting for?

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Time to Stop Leading from Behind

America is at war with radical Islamic jihadists who seek to destroy our way of life. As recent attacks in both Paris and San Bernardino show, ISIS poses a very real, dangerous and sophisticated threat. Yet our President continues to lead from behind.

Sign the petition to demand action and stand up to President Obama’s feckless foreign policy.

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2 years ago

Thx to the voters of #IL15 for their support & allowing me to continue to serve them in Congress…

2 years ago

Collinsville volunteers are making calls and knocking doors. Remember, polls are open until 7 PM!

2 years ago

Volunteers are hard at work getting out the vote. Remember, polls open at 6 am tomorrow!

2 years ago

Thx to Governor Rauner for speaking on my behalf at the Moultrie County Lincoln Day Dinner last night. Great crowd!

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