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Obamacare has failed to live up to its many of its basic promises. Policies have been cancelled. Premiums continue to increase. It’s time we walk away from this failed experiment.

Obamacare is a disaster and that is why John has voted over 60 times to either repeal, replace or defund Obamacare. Our efforts should be focused on expanding healthcare insurance by allowing tax deductions of premiums by the self-employed, allowing inter-state sales of healthcare insurance, expanding health savings account eligibility, and other market oriented ideas not government control.


2 years ago

Thx to the voters of #IL15 for their support & allowing me to continue to serve them in Congress…

2 years ago

Collinsville volunteers are making calls and knocking doors. Remember, polls are open until 7 PM!

2 years ago

Volunteers are hard at work getting out the vote. Remember, polls open at 6 am tomorrow!

2 years ago

Thx to Governor Rauner for speaking on my behalf at the Moultrie County Lincoln Day Dinner last night. Great crowd!

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