Meet John Shimkus

Congressman John Shimkus proudly serves the families of the 15th Congressional District of Illinois, a 33 county district that stretches more than 14,500 square miles. John serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and as Chairman of its Subcommittee on the Environment. As a senior member of this powerful committee, John has been instrumental in advancing legislation to make America energy independent through an “all of the above” energy policy, improve public safety through enhanced 9-1-1 services and lower the cost of healthcare through market-driven, patient-centered reforms.

Congressman John Shimkus

John has given his life to public service. His public service began as he graduated from West Point in 1980. After attending Airborne and Ranger school, John went on to serve as a U.S. Army infantry officer for six years followed by serving in the U.S. Army Reserves until his retirement in 2008 as a lieutenant colonel. In addition to serving his country, John was a high school teacher and a county treasurer. Throughout his years of service to his country, state, and community, John has always stayed true to his commonsense conservative principles and values.

John’s service led him to meet his wife, Karen, at his last duty station in California. John returned home to Collinsville in 1986 and Karen joined John a year later. John and Karen were married in 1987. They have three sons, David, Joshua and Daniel, and are raising them in Collinsville. The Shimkus family attends Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Collinsville, where Karen is the Director of Parish Music and John serves as the Head Elder.

John’s key votes throughout his time in Congress exemplify his commitment to the people of Southern Illinois, including voting in favor of record tax cuts, supporting President Trump’s efforts to secure our borders, and advocating for a farm bill that benefits Southern Illinois agriculture.

John is not afraid to stand up for Southern Illinois values.

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Did I somehow stumble onto a church's facebook page? I thought this was a political page.

Why is the Congressman unconstitutionally blocking constituents on his Facebook page?

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